Marginalia - Issue #20

It’s funny how you can spend years doing something and never really take the lead. Even things that you do alone can be done in a way that mimics waiting for instruction and vision from someone else. Zombie creation. We can assume we are leading something forward simply because we’re doing the work, but in reality we are pulling levers and floating. The difference is subtle but immense. Imagine stearing the car and shifting the gears without deciding where you are going or how you are getting there. Are you really driving or are you just lost?

I fell like I’ve finally taken the wheel.

Desert Storm general, Norman Schwarzkopf Jr, is the son of Norman Schwarzkopf Sr, former superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. Senior was the lead investigator on the Lindberg Baby kidnapping.

In a study, researcher Solomon Asch asked students to compare the length of lines. The first time through, 95% of students answered every question correctly. In following attempts, Asch inserted actors into the new groups. The actors were instructed to argue for incorrect answers. With actors in the groups, the number of students who got the answers correct dropped to 25%.

Flamenco comes from the word “Flemish” because the Spanish incorrectly believed that the Romany people (originators of Flamenco) were Flemish Belgians.

Ernest Hemingway committed suicide by shooting himself — so did his father and his older brother.

Benjamin Franklin invented the glass harmonica.

Apparently, playing hip-hip makes cheese stronger.

Podcast Episodes

RB139: The Work is in the Process w/ Marc Ruiz - Chad and Marc Ruiz talk about focusing on the work. Since his last visit Marc has finished several scripts and has found a collaborative community of writers on twitter. This lead to recieving some brutal notes, but taking criticism is part of the process. Sometimes there are things we are blind too, so we have to take our lumps and learn. This doesn't mean taking every suggestion, but rather accepting that strong and complex choices may divide.

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